Before the Storm

Held between two guns

As the further away she runs

The road is further than it seems

One that kills the dreams

And one that kills the past

So the happiness won’t last

The thunder rages as if for real

It cried from a heart made of steel

The storm has taken away its life

and cut it in millions with a knife

a heart that once learned to love

had flown away, had flown above

all the sadness of the day

invited happiness to stay

for a little while in the heart

whose only savior is the art

if one day the heart so warm

turned into a never-ending storm

don’t blame the soul that fought too much

for it will break in just one touch

goodbye can be in silence too

for if I talked I would blame you

if you see me being cold

and praying for your spirit so old

know that you did something wrong

since for you I wrote this song

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