Searching For God

God’s timing is perfect. Everything you go through happens for a reason that you’ll eventually understand. Sometimes, we are so blinded by the things we think we want that we refuse to see clearly what God actually wants. It always happens, that magical moment when everything seems strangely aligned in a way chance couldn’t have done it. Years fly away quickly that we forget to live the day for what it has offer. We hold on to the past so hard that we forget to look at the future and live the present. Recently, a conversation was held in front of me where both sides argued whether God exists or not. I understand that there might be atheists out there but I have never seen a person die as one, we always go back to our original faith. One might argue that people believe in God because they are weak and they need to hold on to something that gives them hope. Well, if a person by nature needs and seeks that feeling then what’s behind it exists. One might argue that since the beginning of time, civilizations created their own gods to set the rules of their consciousness. That’s true, but how many of these religions have vanished? and why Christianity is now the center of the time and the world? why is Jesus Christ the point of transformation in this world? Simply because all the gods people were searching for led to the one and only God we know, God who created us and this world. God is real and he is love. One might wonder why there is evil when there’s God? well, God gave us brains and freedom from the moment we were born. He gave us a brain to distinguish between what comes from him and what does not. He gave us the freedom to choose whether we accept his presence or we don’t. But his mercy goes beyond our freedom and God shares his love among us equally. I’m sure that those who do not believe in Jesus or those who consider him a ‘myth’ have never cried, because whenever a tear falls from your eyes you can feel him wiping it away, whenever you sigh you can feel him comforting you. But then, one might add that if God loves us then why there are people in this world who are sick? We all know that sickness is technically a biological dysfunction, so take care of yourself first and then, if you prayed asking God to heal you, here are the two options you will get. One, you’ll go through it and become stronger than before and you’ll see life in a clearer way. Your mission in this life is not over yet. Two, if God took that person between his arms in heaven, it’s simply because God does not want him or her to suffer more down there, especially if the duty has been accomplished. But God never punishes people with sickness, God heals. Sometimes, the healing can be done through messengers that people label as Saints. One person might be a fool, ten people, thousands  of people might be fools to believe in God and his Saints but I don’t think the 1.2 billions (and even more) are all blinded and stupid for believing in the Almighty and his power. Guardian angels do exist and they protect you every single moment of the day, from a falling branch, from a car accident, from a fall, from bad people, and from horrible decisions. To believe or not to believe is up to you. But for me, I am proud of my religion and I have faith in God, a father who will never let you down.

when I was little, I used to pray for many things that seemed so simple for children. It started with a prayer that is now a chapter I shall carry all my life, I prayed for an older brother. But I learned that God doesn’t work that way. So I asked for a younger brother. I prepared his name and kept my toys for him, and I waited for many years until I lost hope. and I always blame God for keeping me an only child. But then, I saw people from the same family hating each other and having bad intentions towards their siblings, I held on to friends that throughout the years became family and understood that God plans everything right. I grew older and my grandmother died. I blamed God for that too, and after many years, I finally understood. I’m pretty sure I’ll have many more things to understand as I grow, but all the experiences I’ve been through drew me closer to God and proved to me his existence and his care and love for all of us. That does not mean I don’t pray for things because God has already planned everything. I am indeed grateful for what I have now and all the prayers that came true. God very often leaves a space for you to decide. Why do we blame God for mistakes we made? why do we fear to die and why do we feel ashamed? why do people go while they could have stayed? Why do we cry when we could have prayed?



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