A Special Place In My Heart

Some people are meant to leave their permanent scent in your heart

No matter how far they’ll go or how much time you spend apart

There are people in your life who are bound to make a huge difference

They become your source of relief, a shelter, a cheerful reference

There are people who create their path towards your mind

Searching for a place to stay but they won’t find

Because there are others living there and they won’t leave it

Forming a bond where their thoughts in your mind perfectly fit

I might be over-sentimental and maybe too readable

I might have a heart that is accessible yet easily breakable

But as I grew stronger after each fight, I realized

That even if I might end up once again surprised

I don’t mind telling people I love how I really feel

As long as my love for them is genuine and real

A person to love is a source of power

A beautiful family, a blossoming flower

There are people that will never know

How much love for them you want to show

Because sometimes words can fail the feeling

of the sparks in the eyes that are too revealing





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