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Why Complicate Life?

Our Art History Professor mentioned once the following sentence: ” The cat sat on the mat”. We were then trying so hard to analyze a painting that does not need much effort to be analyzed. this sentence people use to teach kids the Alphabet genuinely touched me. Things sometimes might be as simple as that, but we only choose to complicate things in our head. Probably because if we try to resolve a complicated matter, we think of ourselves as intellectuals. As you go on in life, you only seek short and true answers. You just get straight to the point. Some words might crush you, but you rather be hurt by the truth than be comforted by ephemeral lies.

The nature of human beings hides many connotations. you see them smile, but are they happy? you see them friendly, but are they nice?

People nowadays live in constant lies. They choose the race and the color of the cat, the way it sat on the mat they designed by themselves.

Let me make it clearer for you.

You see ads saying you NEED to buy their new product, so you run and spend all your savings on something you knew that you never needed. You listen to songs about breakups saying you should not call first, so you put the fate of your whole relationship in this song’s lyrics. You see people wearing the latest trends, so you hurry up and buy the new bag/shoes/dress or whatever, and you don’t even care how all this means nothing to you. You wear clothes you don’t feel comfortable in, you listen to songs you hate, you go to places you can’t stand just to please people you don’t even like or care about.

You judge the girl that has a tattoo on her arm because you don’t have the courage to do it on your body.  You laugh at the girl who shaved her head because you define beauty on your own. You criticize the boy who does not have muscles and abs because you could never cope with his high level of knowledge and self-satisfaction.  You spend your day giving orders and advice to people but you forget to start giving these to yourself first. You label people around you, but you forget to label yourself.


You think that people who go to church every Sunday are Saints, and the people who don’t are devils. You assume that people who dress good are important, but those who feel comfortable in hoodies aren’t.  You expect that people who laugh all the time are happy, but those who observe from afar are not. You presume that you know everything about someone just by looking at them, but you’re only looking at yourself in other people.

You pretend to be afraid by what people fear in order not be marginalized. You never dare to give your opinion in public because it is different from what most of the people said. You never try to cross your limits because you think of a way back to your comfort zone. You never attempt to take chances because you are petrified that you’ll lose everything you have. You are a trapped bird in a golden cage looking at the world from inside the bars, thinking that you own the gold but it is the gold that owns you.


My advice for you:




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